Adventures on the Wild Side 

Spend February vacation learning to survive in the wilds, track animals, and create your own adventure story. Our group will meet each day in an incredible heated greenhouse, and will venture out onto the many nearby trails to find clues left behind by wildlife about how they survive the winter, and practice our own survival skills. We will learn to become keen winter naturalists; figuring out what animal’s path we are following and how it eats and protects itself. As humans, we will build warm shelters, find food and water, perform basic first aid, make fires, and cook treats over the flames. At the end, use words, photographs, or drawings to create the story of your adventures.

Time and Dates: February 20-24, 9am-3pm

Price: $300. Financial Aid available for those in need

Ages: 7-13 (Divided by age for some parts of the day) 

Instructors: Jessica and Clay

Logistics: Warm greenhouse space and indoor bathrooms will be available

Location: Glen Urquhart School in Beverly, MA