Outdoor Adventures with Kestrel at Rockport Elementary School: spring 2019 Session

Rockport Outdoor Adventures - Aquatic Adventures
Aquatic Adventures - This spring will be all about exploring the water. Every week we will walk to either the woods or to Old Garden Beach in search of animals. Equipped with nets and buckets and magnifiers, we will learn about amphibians, water insects, tiny lobster relatives, and maybe some crabs. We will make our own water field guides using our own drawings, stories, and photographs.

  • Dates and Times: Tuesday afternoons, April 23 to May 28 (6 meetings) 3:00pm-4:30pm

  • Ages: Students in grades 1-3 at Rockport Elementary School

  • Price: $96 for 6 weeks

  • Location: Rockport Elementary School and surrounding woodlands and

  • To Register: Complete online payment or mail a check AND complete online registration form

  • Special Note: This class will be primarily outdoors, with an indoor option for harsh weather. Participation in this class requires students stay for the duration of the time window each day. As we will often be offsite on the trails and in the woods, early pick up is usually not possible, unless you can walk out to where we are in the outdoors. Our two instructors both need to stay with the group, so we cannot send one back to the school for an early pickup. We also request that students who enroll plan on attending every session if possible, as there is an emphasis on skill building and community building in way that progresses throughout the session. Thank you for your understanding.