Outdoor Adventures with Kestrel at Rockport Elementary School: spring session

Explore the outdoors of Rockport!  Alongside your fellow adventurers, learn about local wildlife and survival skills.  As spring arrives, the sun will be returning in the afternoons and we will spend lots of time outside, in all kinds of fun weather. This spring's session will be all about attention and noticing during our adventures. Learn to survive and take care of your friends in rain and snow and cold and warmth.  Practice the skills you need to sneak up on wildlife, and notice more of the things we usually walk right by. Many adventures!

  • Dates and Times:  Monday afternoons, February 12-March 26 3:00-4:30 (No meeting February 19th)
  • Ages: Students in grades K-2 at Rockport Elementary School
  • Price: $96 for 6 weeks ($12 per week, no partial signups allowed)
  • Location: Rockport Elementary School
  • To Register: Complete online payment or mail a check AND complete online registration form