Partner Schools

Over the years Kestrel has partnered with dozens of public and private schools to educate more than 10,000 students in our local service area. We typically work with between 6 and 12 schools each season. In an effort to balance breadth with depth, we offer a variety of partnership opportunities to prospective schools, ranging from a single introductory visit to multi-session, multi-grade, multi-year programs. 

We’ve recently partnered with many schools to offer nature-based science education programs in the classroom and the field, including: 

  • Rockport Middle School | Rockport

  • Rockport High School | Rockport

  • Gloucester High School | Gloucester

  • Manchester Memorial | Manchester

  • Brookwood School | Manchester

  • Essex Elementary | Essex

  • Glen Urquhart School | Beverly

  • Cove Elementary School | Beverly

  • Ayers Ryal Side | Beverly

  • North Shore Nursery School | Beverly

  • Wood End Elementary School | Reading

  • Parlin School | Everett