Ready to GO Programs

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Anywhere, Anytime....Ready to Go Programs with Kestrel.

If you only have time for a one day program, and you would like a wonderful experience for your group of children, consider one of these inquiry-based natural science programs. They can be conducted at any location, indoors or outdoors.

Each Ready to Go Program Features

  • Cool Animals or Artifacts

  • Playing/Engaging with materials

  • Storytelling

  • Making Something Original

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Amphibian Adventures

Visit with some live native amphibians and observe them closely. Play some active games to learn more about frog and salamander body forms and learn local frog calls. Create art based on your observations. Piece together all you have learned to create a group story of how these animals connect to their ecosystem.

Tracking Secrets

Explore some animal tracks and assemble an understanding of how to figure out what animals have walked through your yard or nearby woods. Practice moving like some of our native wildlife, learning different movement patterns and how to see them in the tracks left behind. Sort through signs left on foods such as nuts and branches, and try to figure out who left each sign. Play games for building your observation and tracking skills. Create track printing cards to take home (or make track story pillowcases or Tee shirts instead for an additional $5 per participant).

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Being Birds

Explore bird and bird science artifacts. Learn and imitate the calls of local birds, and play a bird calling game. Practice using binoculars to notice bird traits and identify species. Explore methods and materials specific local birds use to make their nests, and then step into the life of a Massachusetts songbird, gathering and using materials to make your own realistic bird nest with eggs. Develop an understanding of how birds fit into their local environments, and what your life as a bird would be like.

Pricing and Logistics: 

Programs last 60-90 minutes (your choice) and can be indoors or outdoors.

$125 per group of up to 25 participants, with a minimum of 2 groups per day.

(one group minimum if you come to us)

Up to 4 groups consecutively per day.

Designed for ages 4-14; content and activities will be adjusted for the age group.

Choose your favorite program and contact us to arrange dates and times.