You Belong in Nature

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Natural Science Learning Through:

Sensory Awareness, Imagination, and Systems Thinking

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What we do:

Kestrel’s expert instructors teach real science through adventure and fun in wild places near you.

Our staff custom designs classroom and outdoor experiences to support K-12 classes, informal learning groups, and individuals. The emphasis of all Kestrel programs is on empowering young scientists to learn to ask and answer questions about the natural world.

All school programs are aligned to state curriculum frameworks.

Our Unique Vision and Teaching Style: We believe in building a better and more sustainable world through excellent, student – centered natural science education. Our professional instructors guide students in developing the abilities to make and share original discoveries and understand complex natural systems. Please click here for more details on how we are different from other ecology and outdoor education programs.

Ecological Systems Learning Through Story Creation: Click here to learn more about this.

You Belong: We don’t believe it’s possible or desirable to leave no trace in nature. We believe we are all part of an interconnected system. We teach children that they should wander, explore, touch, imagine, and live in the natural world.

At Kestrel, you belong in nature.

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