Though we are a small organization, we are held in a complex web of community support. Here we wish to thank the individuals, families, businesses and foundations who have sustained us over the years. We also want to thank the many volunteers and partners who have - and continue - to support and shape the work we do. On behalf of the children, adults, families and schools who are the true beneficiaries of your kindness, we thank you.

Major Support: Individuals

  • Jean C. Nichols

  • William Taylor

  • Mark McDonough

  • Anna DiPerna

  • Deirdre Mulligan

  • Ken and Ronnie Kagle

  • The Featherstone Family

  • Charlotte Lord

  • Janet and Graham Walker

  • Linzee and Beth Coolidge

  • Andrew Withers

Major Support: Foundations

  • Brace Cove Foundation

  • Dusky Foundation

  • Institution for Savings, Main Street Rockport Charitable Foundation

  • The Awesome Gloucester Foundation

  • New England Biolabs Foundation

  • Rockport Education Foundation

  • Manchester-Essex Conservation Trust

  • The Outdoor Foundation


In Kind Donations


If you are interested in connecting with Kestrel, please contact Jessica Kagle, Program Director, by email at or by phone at (978) 515-7177.

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