NOTE: The Development Officer and the Marketing Associate position can be held by the same person, assuming experience and interest in both fields

Development Officer, Contract (Part Time)


  • Become well - grounded in Kestrel’s mission, vision, and work, and continue to stay up to date

  • Take the lead on the development of a stable base of individual and corporate donors through outreach and coordination of meetings and events

  • Make asks to potential donors, along with Founder / Program Director

  • Facilitate cultivation and appreciation of existing donors

  • Develop a business sponsorship program, initiating contact with local businesses and cultivating business leaders as sponsors of Kestrel’s work

  • Enhance and maintain a donor database to track and communicate with donors and potential donors regularly

  • Research, write and manage small grants (approximately $3,000-$10,000) in partnership with Program Director


  • Undergraduate or graduate degree, or comparable experience in non profit development

  • At least 2 years of experience in successful development of donors, including successful recruitment of donors over $5,000

  • Proficiency with donor databases

  • Proficiency with web based communications, mailing lists, and social media

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Comfort with phone and in person conversations, asks, and public speaking

    Marketing Associate, Contract (Part Time)

  • Responsibilities

  • Become well - grounded in Kestrel’s mission, vision and work, and continue to stay up to date

  • Create a marketing plan leading to increased web presence, marketing pieces, and press, to improve the community visibility of Kestrel and our work

  • Collect feedback from our stakeholders on current knowledge of our work

  • Use feedback from a wide variety of stakeholders to inform re-design of current materials, including print pieces, website, and social media presence

  • Regularly send press releases announcing notable projects, grants, and events, to a wide array of media sources

  • Disperse marketing materials related to programs and events to our target audiences

  • Monitor and evaluate success of marketing and awareness campaigns, and adjust materials and efforts as needed


  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in small business marketing, or comparable experience

  • Experiences specifically working with very small non profit organizations

  • At least 2 years related experience

  • Proficiency with basic design, use of Google platform, social media, and print layout

For Both Positions Above:

Compensation and Logistics:

Competitive Pay, Flexible Hours

Must live in the area and work from the office

Approximately 10 hours per week per position above

Positions above can be combined, for the right person who has a strong background in both positions

To Apply:

Send a resume and cover letter to Jessica@kestreleducation.org

Summer Camp Instructor

Applicants are welcome to apply for only Being Animals, only Survival Rockport, or both. Applicants who apply for and are qualified to teach both will be given preference.

Being Animals Camp for children ages 4-7 (Beverly Farms): The campers spend each morning imagining they are a different local animal and learning to move, eat, relate, and seek shelter like that animal.

Survival Rockport for 7-12 year olds is held in the woods away from any buildings or plumbing. The campers spend their full day out learning survival skills and naturalist skills in our unique story based, playful, student-led format. While the campers are allowed a lot of freedom and responsibility and are allowed to use knives and fire, and come away with significant skills, there is also a lighthearted and playful feel to the program. We end each day on a public beach that we travel to on foot. We are in the wilderness and we are learning to eat wild foods and survive, but we are rarely uncomfortable, and we do bring some modern conveniences, including s’mores. We end each day on a public beach that we travel to on foot. The Survival Rockport camp is staffed in the field by only two instructors, so they need to be comfortable managing all kinds of challenges and situations, administering first aid, and serving as open water lifeguards.

This position is for one summer, from June 24 to August 9th, plus an additional week of training and prep before the summer camp begins.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with other instructor/ Program Director to help design and deliver nature based adventure camp programs

  • Facilitate holistic programs that are more than a collection of activities and that are thoughtfully and intentionally designed to progress logically throughout the week and to be meaningful

  • Facilitate group building activities throughout the week, building a strong and cohesive team that values everyone’s voices, ideas, and needs

  • Serve as a mentor to campers, getting to know them as individuals and supporting their needs

  • Lead up to 4 miles of hiking per day (at Survival Rockport)

  • Administer first aid as needed for injuries and illness, and document all care given

  • Serve as a lifeguard during our daily beach swims.

  • Maintain an environment that balances freedom and safety, with safety being the number one priority


•Undergraduate or advanced degree in education or environmental field, or equivalent experience. College students with the right background and skills will also be considered.

•2 or more seasons experience teaching children in classroom and/or field settings, or experience as a field naturalist or biologist along with a natural affinity for education and a high comfort level instructing young children. Experience teaching children in an outdoor setting is a must.

  • Excellent outdoor and survival skills. You need not possess all survival skills, but we are looking for someone who has something to bring to the table, such as tracking, wild edibles, matchless fires, tool making, shelter construction, knot tying, group building initiatives, or any other valuable outdoor skill

  • Strong swimming and hiking abilities. Must be able to swim well in open water

  • Knowledge of New England Natural History

•Comfort with all forms of local wildlife

• Trust in children’s ability to construct learning and meaning for themselves with guidance, and ability to provide flexible enough learning experiences to allow them to do so

•Comfort around all forms of local wildlife

• A supportive and non-punitive approach to group and behavior management

•Ability to carry up to 30 pounds, and to walk uphill on or off trails up to 4 miles a day, in all weather (though we rarely walk more than a mile on any program)

•Willingness to work as long as 9-10 hours on extra long days, with most days extending 8 hours from 8am-4pm

•Strong concern for the natural environment and an interest in working towards its protection by educating young people     

•Current Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and Lifeguard Training or willingness to obtain these at own expense: These are an absolute must.

•  Ability to teach and make decisions as part of a collaborative teams

•  Enthusiasm for the process of teaching and willingness to be a reflective educator, constantly fine tuning your skills and lesson plans and working with colleagues to give and receive honest feedback  

Information Common To Posted Positions:

Pay Rate: Starting pay is $16-$18 per hour depending on education and experience level. Flexible schedule, supportive work environment, unique programming, time outdoors, and dedicated, passionate colleagues. The Kestrel office is located in downtown Beverly, Massachusetts. $12 per hour training rate applies for the initial week of training, on your first season only.

To Apply:

Please email a resume and cover letter, detailing why you are interested in Kestrel specifically, and how your skills and experience meet the qualifications of the position to jessica@kestreleducation.org.

Commitment: Dependability and consistency are core to our values and to our community relationships. We are seeking applicants who are ready to commit to the full season and are certain they will be able to articulate their availability for the season accurately.

Kestrel Educational Adventures is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, cultural heritage, ancestry, political belief, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability or veteran status.