by the Middle School Conservation Club

The Conservation Club conducted surveys both online and on the street and found out what people knew about threats to these animals.


Some of the threats to amphibians and reptiles are getting run over, litter, discarded nets, and humans. Natural predators that prey on these animals while still hatchlings and larvae are inland predatory birds, coyotes, amphibians, and fishes. Other threats include habitat loss, the changing in water chemistry, changes in migration, and climate change, which are all caused by humans. 

There are many things you can do to contribute to help these animals live a full, happy life, like protected paths the animals could walk through. For example, tunnels under streets per se, so frogs don't get run over. You can help by donating to Kestrel to help us teach about reptile and amphibians, learning more, help with petitions, and going to different field sites and find out if the sites need help or not, and if they need help, what they need help with.