Position: Development and marketing Associate (Half Time)

Thanks to a grant from the Brace Cove Foundation, we have a new position available. From our recent strategic planning process emerged a need for a staff member who will will help elevate Kestrel’s visibility in the community, and work with the rest of our team to achieve greater financial sustainability. We are seeking someone with solid skills and a dedication to our mission and work. Our collaborative, friendly, and reflective work culture is key to who we are as an organization. As a member of a small team tasked with many jobs, it is important that all staff members be both independent and highly communicative.


  • In conjunction with the Program Director and the Board, oversee development and fundraising for Kestrel

  • Collaborate with stakeholders on the initiation and implementation of a development plan

  • Collaborate with the board and volunteers on event planning and management

  • Work with the Board to track strategic plan

  • Convene and meet with development committee including members of the board as well as interested community members; meetings will be held outside of business hours

  • Assist in the development of a stable base of individual and corporate donors through outreach and coordination of meetings and events, as well as maintaining a sponsorship program. Facilitate cultivation and appreciation of existing donors

  • Enhance and maintain a donor database to track and communicate with donors and potential donors regularly

  • Research, write and manage up to 8 small grants (each $3,000-$9,999) per year, in partnership with Program Director

  • Create a marketing plan leading to increased web presence, marketing pieces, and press, to improve the community visibility of Kestrel and our work

  • In partnership with the bookkeeper, maintain familiarity with the budget through the production and sharing of regular budget reports and cash flow tracking


The successful candidate will have at least two years of relevant professional experience, and:

  • Interest in and commitment to Kestrel’s mission and work

  • Familiarity with small nonprofits and their strengths and challenges

  • Experience in development -- donor cultivation and grant tracking

  • Experience with grant writing

  • Experience and comfort networking in person and by telephone

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Ideal candidate will be familiar with the local North Shore business and/or nonprofit scene

  • Flexibility and adaptability; a willingness to change plans and mode in response to feedback and obstacles as encountered

  • Collaborative working style: A willingness to communicate frequently with others at our small organization, and an openness to making informed decisions based on input collected from a variety of staff and volunteers

  • Ability to work independently when needed, to complete tasks

Hours: This position is 50% of full time. Hours are to be arranged with the successful candidate. While they have some flexibility, most work must be completed during normal business hours.

Compensation: $20,000 annually, with pro rated holidays and vacation, and pro rated insurance coverage.

To Apply:

Please email a resume and cover letter, detailing why you are interested in Kestrel specifically, and how your skills and experience meet the qualifications of the position to jessica@kestreleducation.org.


Position: Summer Camp Instructor

Summer Camp Instructor

This position is a very short term position, from July 9 to July 20th, only for Being Animals half day adventure camp. Being Animals Camp for children ages 4-7, is held at a school in Beverly indoors and out on the trails. The campers spend each morning imagining they are a different local animal and learning to move, eat, relate, and seek shelter like that animal. The program is imaginative and rooted in the specific place we explore, and is partially guided by the children's ideas. While we follow a plan, we take advantage of moments for spontaneous exploring and learning as well

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with other instructor/ Program Director to help design and deliver nature based adventure camp programs

  • Facilitate holistic programs that are more than a collection of activities and that are thoughtfully and intentionally designed to progress logically throughout the week and to be meaningful

  • Facilitate group building activities throughout the week, building a strong and cohesive team that values everyone’s voices, ideas, and needs

  • Serve as a mentor to campers, getting to know them as individuals and supporting their needs

  • Administer first aid as needed for minor injuries and illness, and document all care given

  • Maintain an environment that balances freedom and safety, with safety being the number one priority


•Undergraduate or advanced degree in education or environmental field, or equivalent experience

•2 or more years experience teaching children in classroom and/or field settings, or experience as a field naturalist or biologist along with a natural affinity for education and a high comfort level instructing young children

  • Knowledge of New England Natural History

•Comfort with all forms of local wildlife

• Trust in children’s ability to construct learning and meaning for themselves with guidance, and ability to provide flexible enough learning experiences to allow them to do so

•Comfort handling small, harmless wildlife, including insects, reptiles, and amphibians, including snakes

• A supportive and non-punitive approach to group and behavior management

•Strong concern for the natural environment and an interest in working towards its protection by educating young people                                                                                                                                                                                               

•Current  First Aid and CPR, or willingness to obtain these at own expense

•  Ability to teach and make decisions as part of a collaborative teams

•  Enthusiasm for the process of teaching and willingness to be a reflective educator, constantly fine tuning your skills and lesson plans and working with colleagues to give and receive honest feedback  

Pay Rate: Starting pay is $15-$17 per hour depending on education and experience level. Flexible schedule, supportive work environment, unique programming, time outdoors, and dedicated, passionate colleagues. The Kestrel office is located in downtown Gloucester, Massachusetts.

To Apply:

Please email a resume and cover letter, detailing why you are interested in Kestrel specifically, and how your skills and experience meet the qualifications of the position to jessica@kestreleducation.org.

Position: Summer Program Intern (Unpaid)

Kestrel is seeking a well qualified intern for our summer camps. This position is unpaid, but comes with extensive training and supervision in educational theory, teaching for democratic leadership, and survival  / primitive skills. We are open to adult applicants as well as teens 16 years and up, and the terms of the internship will be tailored based on the interests and skills of the applicant.

Kestrel Summer Adventures is a set of unique and imaginative outdoor experiences based on building nature awareness, self reliance, and leadership skills in young people. Our programs are different from traditional camps in that every day involves a blend of adult structure and camper input and decision making. We use fluid scheduling of interconnected activities that all follow a storyline we establish for the week.

Kestrel Summer Adventures runs Monday through Friday from July 13- August 17th. Being Animals spans the first two weeks, and is a half day program for children ages 4-7 located in Beverly Farms. Each day we imagine we are a different type of animal and spend our morning living as that animal. Survival Rockport enrolls children ages 7-13 and is located in the woodlands of Rockport, away from all established facilities. Each week we follow a storyline in which we must all work together to survive some "lost in the wilderness" scenario. Skills practices are blended with a playful sense of adventure and exploration. And always s'mores.

Our intern will assist instructors with group management, skill building, democratic leadership, and maintaining a safe environment. In return, the intern will receive mentoring and training in desired fields and topics.

This is a full time position for committed weeks, and we will consider interns applying for 2-6 total week.


  • Comfort outdoors in all summer weather

  • Comfort and safe habits around wildlife, camping knives, and campfires

  • Willingness and ability to walk up to five miles a day carrying up to 25 pounds (for Survival Rockport only)

  • Extreme dependability and flexibility to adapt plans to shifting needs of the program

  • Outgoing and warm personality

  • Ability to be safe and independent in a variety of natural settings

  • Positive relationship with the natural world and all its creatures

  • A healthy sense of curiosity about the natural world

  • An interest in improving skills and knowledge about wildlife, education, and survival skills

  • Compassionate and patient approach with young children

  • A belief in including young children in the decision making process

  • Willingness to depart from plans and make new and equally wonderful plans as situations require

  • 16 years of age or older

The intern will work with the Camp Director to establish educational and personal goals for learning and growth. Daily responsibilities will include assisting with instruction and group management. Plenty of time will be available for pursuing learning goals independently.

How To Apply

Please email a resume and cover letter, detailing why you are interested in Kestrel Summer Adventures specifically, to jessica@kestreleducation.org

Position: get outside center summer intern (unpaid)

We have a flexible internship for an undergraduate or graduate student in environmental science, outdoor recreation, or education. Get Outside interns serve as a naturalists, educators, and links to the nearby wilds as a Get Outside Center intern with Kestrel Educational Adventures

Hours: 20-40 hours per week

Duties: These are flexible depending on your academic and personal goals

  • Provide feeding and care of small native reptiles, amphibians, fish, and marine invertebrates. Collecting trips as needed.

  • Maintenance of existing exhibits (microscope lab, small natural history library, etc.), and design of new simple exhibits and activities to engage visitors

  • Become familiar with the local trail systems and ecology, as well as opportunities for outdoor adventure in the area.

  • Answer questions about local natural history and help visitors find the resources they need

  • Loan outdoor and science gear to members and keep loaning gear in good condition

  • Welcome visitors into the Get Outside Center and provide them with resources to connect with the natural world (in house exhibits, maps, loaner gear and field guides, etc.)

  • Help visitors find information to help them learn more about local ecology, using your own knowledge and other available resources

  • Host groups of young children and engage them in our exhibits and activities

  • Promote Kestrel’s programs and events to Get Outside Center visitors

  • Lead drop - in programs for families, children, and adults, on nature-themed topics of your own design

  • Conduct outreach to the general public about the Get Outside Center's services

  • Be part of a playful and warm community of educators and naturalists


  • Strong interest in the natural world and/or inquiry based science education

  • Curiosity and desire to learn more about wildlife and ecology of Essex County

  • Some familiarity with local species and/or local reservations and trails preferred

  • Cheerful, warm, highly outgoing and friendly demeanor

  • Ability to work both independently and collaboratively

  • Healthy sense of curiosity and imagination

  • Iron clad dependability

  • Strong oral communication skills

What Kestrel Will Provide

  • Mentoring from the Program Director and Program Coordinator in natural history and methods of engaging learners

  • Assistance with meeting your own personal and academic goals and a customized learning plan

  • Consistent supervision meetings

  • A balance of independence and support

  • Free Kestrel T-shirt and membership

  • Basic captive animal care and maintenance training

  • Free snacks, tea, chocolate

How To Apply

If you’re interested in a position, please submit a cover letter explaining what interests you about working at Kestrel specifically, resume, and contact information for 3 references to jessica@kestreleducation.org, or mail to 186 Main St, Gloucester, MA 01930 

In addition to being an Equal Opportunity Employer, Kestrel aims to create a thriving, inclusive workplace that values each member of our team. We aspire to reflect and effectively serve the residents and communities of the North Shore, who are at the core of our mission.

About Kestrel

Kestrel Educational Adventures is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. We offer place-based natural science adventures for schools, camps, and the general public. Our participants learn through direct experiences in the local natural world, guided by qualified instructors with flexible plans. We believe in building a better and more sustainable world through excellent, student – centered natural science education. Our program instructors guide children in developing their abilities to make and share original discoveries and understand complex natural systems. We believe that everyone should develop personal values through experience, and that this is the most powerful route to sustainability and conservation action. We teach everyone that they should wander, explore, touch, imagine, and live in the natural world. Silliness, muddiness, and storytelling are as much a part of our day collecting and analyzing data. In addition to our school programs, we have recently opened a simple public facility called the Get Outside Center, designed to engage everyone in the many ways they can connect with the natural world right around them. 

Kestrel is not your typical environmental education organization; we devote intensive time and energy to custom designing inquiry science curriculum for each of our client groups. Everything we do is based on a specific place and intended for a specific audience. We focus on building skills used by professional ecologists, and understanding of the developmental level of our students. We use the very best practices in inquiry -based education and strong knowledge of the natural world to provide programs that are rich, authentic, and meaningful to each audience. 

Programs can be anywhere from one hour to 12 weeks (3 hours per week, for example), and a teaching a twelve week program requires the ability to design cumulative, project based curriculum. Our lesson plans are an approach to teaching and a plan for the question to be investigated; the students and the natural world provide the actual content.