Forest Ecology

  • Sibley Guide to Trees (2)
  • National Audubon Guide to New England (2)
  • Pocket Naturalist Guide: Bugs and Slugs (10)
  • Pocket Naturalist Guide: Dragonflies and Damselflies (10)
  • Pocket Naturalist Guide, Massachusetts Trees and Wildflowers (20)
  • Forest Forensics, by Tom Wessels (10)
  • Tracking and the Art of Seeing, by Paul Rezendes (2)
  • Birds of Massachusetts Field Guide by Stan Takeila (2)
  • Stokes Beginner Guide to Dragonflies (2)
  • Small hand held magnifiers, with light (25)
  • Student butterfly nets made by Adventure Products (4)
  • Small plastic collecting containers (20)
  • Large plastic collecting containers (4)
  • Magellan Explorist 510 GPS Unit (1 comes with kit, please specify if you would like to borrow 2)
  • Nikon Travelite VI 8X 25  binoculars (12)
  • Four in one soil survey instruments (test for temp, ph, moisture, and sunlight), with installed 9 volt battery (8)
  • Polymer (rubber-like material) mammal feet, each in individual, labeled sealing bag. One front and one rear foot of each: Red fox, Cottontail rabbit. Bobcat, Raccoon, Gray squirrel, Striped skunk, Eastern coyote, Fisher, Mink, Woodchuck, White tailed deer, Beaver, Porcupine, Opposum, and River otter.


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