Teen Travel Adventures | Example Challenge List

This program is all about the Challenge List -- items that suggest but do not prescribe how the adventure will turn out. On Day 1 our Instructors will ask the group to develop an itinerary for the week based on the requirements of the List. How and when the items on the List are fulfilled is up to the group. If research is required, the group will do it. If a reservation needs to be made, the group will arrange it. If a piece of equipment needs to be purchased, the group will procure it. 

Our qualified instructor team will provide the framework and the guidance and the support our teens need to succeed, but during this program, it will be up to the participants themselves, working together and with the community at large, to complete the List.

  • Dip your toes (or whole body!) into 4 very different kinds of wild outdoor water. Collect samples of each.

  • Create ephemeral art that will wash away

  • Discover at least 3 unique places on Cape Ann that are particularly special for wildlife. Why are these places special?

  • Invent and design a vehicle to sail in open water

  • Observe, identify, and photograph at least 8 kinds of wild creatures that depend on water

  • Figure out at least one amazing and unique thing that each animal can do

  • Figure out how us humans can mimic some of these same amazing things in a way that will help us. Try it out!

  • Follow a water’s edge for as long as you can

  • Check out at least 3 wildly different kinds of boat and figure out what animals they are most like

  • Invent an endemic species for the waters of Cape Ann and explain why it is endemic.