Waterway Trackers


This spring, get ready to track water to places unknown! We'll find pools of water deep in the forest that may be home to millions of tiny creatures know as ostracods, flatworms, and maybe even the rarely seen fairy shrimp, not to mention the myriad of frogs and salamanders that also call these pools home. From these pools, we will track the flow of water as it descends the steep slopes into rapids of Forest River. Here we will observe the differences in the smell, color, and chemical components of the water and the life that lives here before continuing downstream to the further reaches of Forest River.

Our last day we will venture to the Forest River delta to celebrate our discovery of the freshwater transitioning into saltwater.

Throughout this journey we will be keeping a journal about our discoveries of tracking the water from rain to the ocean and all the lives it touches along the way.




  • Dates: Saturdays May 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th and June 17
  • Time:  12-2
  • Ages: 5 to infinity!
  • Enrollment Cutoffs: Min. 8 Participants, Max. 15
  • Price: $90 
  • Location: Forest River Conservation Area (parking @ Salem State South Campus)
  • Instructors: Clay