by the Middle School Conservation Club

Stillington Pond at Ravenswood Park. Gloucetser, MA We went into Ravenswood Park and net fished in the frog pond. The many species at Stillington Pond are in great supply for adventure. We got to the pond and started digging through the leaves. This is Stillington Pond and we found 5 frogs here! We found three green frogs and definitely saw a bullfrog and one bullfrog tadpole. We also found  THOUSANDS of frog/salamander eggs in the water. There was much more than I thought I would find, like a huge spotted salamander, a redback salamander, a water beetle, a red-spotted newt and leeches. We got really wet but it was worth it. I had a great time even though it was raining. We later saw unexpected bullfrog tadpoles and green frogs were a great find.



Dexter Pond. Manchester, MA. So this is Dexter Pond and this place is awesome for all of your amphibian needs except eggs because that's the only thing we didn't see.  So the things that we did see were three tadpoles, tons of different water insects and two fish. This place is more than a pond its kind of a lake minus a stream from a mountain because it's huge. But I think you will have luck almost anywhere. It was raining a lot there too and we still had tons of fun. In conclusion, you might get your feet wet, but it's still a great place. 



Ipswich River Watershed. Ipswich, MA. The Ipswich River is full of life. If you go there you may see everything from ducks and geese to turtles and beavers. You can get in a canoe or kayak and get in the water. if you look closely, in the corner of your eye you may see a painted turtle with its bright yellow and red stripes on its neck. Painted turtles range from 4.5 to 6 inches in size, so about the size of the palm of your hand. They can be caught if you have the patience or you can just watch them on their basking logs. The amazing animal is harmless and friendly. This great spot will not disappoint, whether you go to observe and catch turtles or to listen to the birds and their beautiful songs.