Antarctica: A Year On Ice

Part of our ongoing movie series partnership with Cape Ann Cinema & Stage.

If you liked Werner Herzog’s “Encounters At The End of the World,” you’ll truly love this film. Undeniably more practical and businesslike in tone, it nevertheless taps the same vein as Herzog’s opus in the end, revealing a romantic love of “The Ice” among those who “winter over” there, and capturing visuals just as stunning in their own way as those Herzog brought us. “A Year On Ice” fills in the picture of Antarctica, providing a look at what it means to live and work in one of the harshest and most beautiful places on Earth.

Program Details:

  • Date                       Saturday April 25th
  • Time                       4:00 p.m.
  • Location                 Cape Ann Cinema & Stage, Main Street, Gloucester
  • Price                       $10.50

The film will be followed by talk and Q&A by Allyson Hindle, who was in Antarctica as the movie was filmed. Allyson is an animal physiologist who studies the adaptions of wild species that permit then to live in extreme environments or conditions. She has worked with a variety of mammals, from very small shrews to large seals and sea lions. Her work has taken her to such remote locations as Antarctica. She was a finalist in Canada’s 2009 astronaut recruitment campaign. Allyson has degrees in Science from the University of Manitoba, and a PhD from Texas A&M. Presently, she is a research assistant professor at Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School.