Get Outside Center Drop-in Programs

For Ages 0-150 years old

For the Month of May


We are offering special times when anyone of any age can drop in to the Get Outside Center and explore, learn, pursue an interest, ask questions of  a knowledgeable guide, and try out your ideas. Come for a minute or an hour; we're happy to have you!

Drop In Activity Schedule


Monday 12-2 Animal Scavenger Hunt

How many different local animals can you find at the Get Outside Center? The GOC has at least 20 different species of live animals. Can you find them all or maybe even more?



Monday 1:30-4:30 Hydra Hunt!

Using our digital microscopes, venture deep into a small drop of water. Search for tiny creatures and unravel the mysteries of who they might be. Take photos and videos of your discoveries. Print your photos if you wish, and take them home. 




Monday 4:30-6:30 Holding Herps

Our local reptiles and amphibians have some amazing bodies and behaviors. Meet some great climbers, swimmers, twisters, and diggers, up close. Observe and learn how they live, try holding one or two, and learn how each is unique





Tuesday 12-2: Wild Place Discovery

Find a wild place you've never been to on our giant map wall, grab a free map, ask questions, and make a pledge to explore a new place!




Wednesday 12-2: Look Look Card Fun!

Are you a Master Look Look Card collector and player; or did you just get your first pack?Come see what the fun is all about. See how we play the game, and share your own games! Use our master decks to play. You might even get to take home that super special card you've been waiting for, for free!

Thursday 1:30-4:30: Design your own Stream! 

Ever wander how water flows? Do you have a blast building with sand on the beach? Our stream table is designed for all ages to be able to test how water flows, build engineering skills, and to just have fun!




Friday 12-2: Spadefoot Tadpole Feeding

Starting the 2nd week of May we will be the home of a head start program for the Threatened Eastern Spadefoot toad. Come see how fast they grow and help feed the little guys!



Saturday 1:30-4:30: Homes for Hermits

How closely have you looked at ocean hermit crabs, the small crustaceans who live in the shells of others? How do they move, eat, and respond to changes in their environment? Try changing parts of the habitats for hermit crabs and other small marine creatures and observe how they respond. Add some food to the tank and see what happens.